Accelerating healthcare AI through a secure collaboration platform for algorithm owners and data stewards 



In today’s environment, it takes approximately 3 years and $5M per model to achieve generalizability. To date, not even 40 models have been approved by the FDA with only two of those considered truly novel.
This is an unacceptable pace of innovation.

For algorithm owners, BeeKeeperAI™ is winning back time and reducing the cost of developing generalizable AI. For data stewards, BeeKeeperAI™ is leveraging data, within their private cloud infrastructure, to generate new revenue streams in support of care delivery and advancing scientific discovery and innovation.

Here's how BeeKeeperAI™ works:

Key differentiators for BeeKeeperAI™

Protected Cloud Storage

The data never leaves the organization’s protected cloud storage, eliminating the loss of control and “resharing” risk.

Encrypted Primary Data

Uses primary data - from the original source - rather than synthetic or de-identified data. The data is always encrypted.

Healthcare-Specific Tools & Workflows

Healthcare-specific powerful BeeKeeperAI™ tools and workflows support data set creation, labeling, segmentation, and annotation activities.

Secure Enclave Technology

The BeeKeeperAI™ secure enclaves eliminate the risk of data exfiltration and interrogation of the algorithm IP from insiders and third parties.

Middleman and Matchmaker

BeeKeeperAI™ acts as the middleman & matchmaker between data stewards and algorithm developers, reducing time, effort, and costs of data projects by over 50%.

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